Active Conduit Encased in Concrete Locate - Richmond, Indiana

Recently Ground Penetrating Radar Systems was contracted to determine which conduits were active in a concrete encasement. The technician on site was able to scan several hundred feet of the concrete and determine which of the high voltage conduits were active and which were empty. The information provided by GPRS of Indiana allowed the engineers determine if the conduits needed to be re-routed or not. The services that GPRS of Indianapolis provided kept the workers on site safe and kept the project moving without any delays.

Soil imaging technology is an excellent way to locate any dangers in the soil prior to excavating. The soil scanning takes very little time and provides instant results when operated by a trained and certified GPRS technician! Nondestructive soil scanning services provided by GPRS of Indy are safe, accurate, and professional. If your company is concerned with safety and workmanship contact your local radar utility locating service provider today at or 317-504-1068. Ground Penetrating Radar Systems of Indiana can service any part of Indiana recently we have mobilized to Evansville, Greenwood, Carmel and Hammonds.