Advanced Radar Technology Used At Oil Refinery - Northern Indiana

There are many dangerous utilities below the surface on an oil refinery, which is why Ground Penetrating Radar Systems visits refineries often. GPRS of Indy recently scanned several areas on a refinery to locate any utilities that may be in the area prior to the installation of a new pipe rack. GPRS of Indiana was able to locate all the dangerous utilities and provide precise depth to the top of the utilities, allowing our customers to know exactly where the utilities are. This information allows for the project to be completed safely and without delay.

Soil investigation technology is an excellent way to avoid those unexpected utilities that aren’t on the as-built plans. Soil imaging technology accompanied by a trained technician to interpret the data keeps job sites safe and incident free. Ground Penetrating Radar Systems of Indiana have the best and most qualified technicians in the United States. If your company is safely minded and takes pride in finishing projects on time and without incident you need to be working with the most advanced and accurate radar scanning company available…GPRS Inc. You can contact your local representative at or 317-504-1068 to schedule an appointment. GPRS of Indiana covers any city in Indiana we have recently been to: Lafayette, Muncie, Peru, Kokomo and South Bend.