Castleton Square Mall Concrete Scan - Indianapolis, IN

On many slab on grade concrete jobs it’s hard to know what is in/under the concrete because traditional x-ray can’t be used. Many dangerous items can be just below the surface of the concrete like data line or conduits that could shut down a merchants store if they were severed. That is why Ground Penetrating Radar Systems of Indianapolis recently visited the Castleton Square Mall. The technician on site was able to map all the dangers in a concrete trenching location in real time on the surface of the slab and carpet.

Concrete sonar is the best way to locate what dangers lay below the surface of the slab. Locating these dangers in real time (no waiting for film development) allows for contractors to keep their change orders down and projects on schedule. The Certified GPR technicians that are employed by GPRS of Indiana map the dangers in the concrete on the surface with extreme accuracy. This allows Contractors to plan their concrete cuts to not damage any utilities. If you would like to schedule GPRS of Indiana to visit your project contact or 317-504-1068. GPRS of Indiana recently mobilized to Muncie, Terre Haute, Evansville and Gary to perform services such as this one.