Concrete Imaging Used to Locate Concrete Depth - Evansville, Indiana

Ground Penetrating Radar Systems of Indianapolis recently mobilized to Evansville to locate the thickness of the concrete in fifty locations. The technician on site was able to locate the concrete thickness and provide the depths to the top of the rebar. This information allowed the engineers to determine if the concrete was poured correctly. The process of using concrete imaging technology took approximately five hours and was able to be completed during normal work hours because concrete radar doesn’t emit any harmful radiation.

Concrete inspecting is the best way to gather information concerning what lies below the surface of the concrete. The concrete x-ray image allows the technician to see and precisely locate where the dangers are in or under the slab on grade. This valuable information allows the facility to operate without being shut down due to a damaged conduit. The concrete imaging technology doesn’t emit any harmful radiation so it can be operated during normal business hours. For More information about concrete scanning contact your local representative at 317-504-1068 or GPRS of Indy can perform services like this in any manufacturing facility in Indianapolis. We have recently mobilized to Gary, Lafayette, Muncie and Evansville.