Concrete Inspection Locates Reinforcing Steel And Conduits - Gary, Indiana

Ground Penetrating Radar Systems of Indy recently mobilized to clear a saw cutting area on a project. The area needed to be scanned before the installation of a new server bay. Our customer needed to ensure that no reinforcing steel or conduits would be damaged during the saw cutting. The information the technician provided allowed the concrete to be cut without damaging any of the existing conduits or structural steel. The non-destructive concrete scan allowed the project to be completed without delay or change orders.

Concrete imaging is an excellent way to locate any dangers in or below the concrete, especially slab on grade. The harmless electromagnetic waves reflect on dense materials in the concrete, which are then displayed on a screen for our trained and certified technicians so they can interpret and map the anomalies. Concrete inspecting provides instant results and can be operated around active job-sites. This means when you need answers right away GPRS of Indianapolis can provide them. GPRS of Indiana can perform this type of survey anywhere in Indiana especially: Bloomington, Muncie, Carmel and Gary. For more information contact your LOCAL technician at 317-504-1068 or