Concrete Inspection to Locate Conduits Under A Slab On Grade - Indianapolis, Indiana

Many remodels are done on facilities with a slab on grade and this generally meant the contractor had to depend on the plans to tell him where the dangers were below the surface. Ground Penetrating Radar Systems of Indiana recently visited a job site in Indianapolis. The plans for this project showed two high voltage lines below the slab; however, concrete imaging showed four high voltage lines in the area. The technician on site was able to map the lines and provide a precise depth to the top of the lines. This information allowed the contractor to know exactly where the danger areas were on site so the job could be completed without incident.

GPRS of Indianapolis travels to several areas of Indiana providing concrete sonar scanning such as: South Bend, Muncie, Evansville and Lafayette. GPRS of ABQ uses the latest concrete sonar technology to locate any dangers in or below the concrete. The ground radar provides information instantly and only takes a few moments to scan an area. The trained and certified technician then maps the findings on the surface of the concrete. This nondestructive test also doesn’t emit any radiation so it can be operated during regular business hours! If you would like a lunch and learn presentation or more information about concrete inspections please contact your local technician at or 317-504-1068.