Concrete Investigation For Post Tensioned Cables - Indianapolis, Indiana

Ground Penetrating Radar Systems of Indiana recently assisted on a project in Indianapolis. An engineering firm needed to determine the post tensioned cable layout in some double t supports. The facility was being remodeled and was having a weight room added, the engineers needed to determine if the concrete supports could handle the added weight. The technician on site was able to locate the post tensioned cables map their position on the surface of the concrete then, collect data to provide a detailed and precise report to the engineering firm. The technician provided critical information that allowed the engineers to assess the support system. The concrete imaging technology did not interfere with the other workers in the area because it doesn’t emit any harmful radiation.

The concrete sonar technology that GPRS of Indiana uses allows for quick and accurate assessment of concrete. The trained and certified technicians can interpret and map data of the surface of concrete and review those findings with the project manager to ensure the data is clear and concise. The non-destructive test allows contractors to avoid any possible dangers in the concrete or soil to ensure the project continues without delays or change orders. The cost to have Ground Penetrating Radar Systems of Indiana come out and asses your private utilities or concrete is much less than having to replace a severed utility or post tensioned cable. If your company would like to avoid unnecessary change orders contact your local representative today at 317-504-1068 or to set up a lunch and learn meeting. GPRS also can provide custom specification that can be added to any project plans. GPRS of Indy can provide this kind of survey in any part of Indiana especially: South Bend, Carmel, Muncie and Evansville.