Concrete Investigation - Indianapolis, IN

GPRS Inc. of Indiana recently scanned a 16’’x16’’ area in an internet hub building in Indy. The customer needed to cut out the area to install a new server and needed to avoid any conduits in the slab. The technician was able to mobilize to the site and map all the findings on the surface of the slab, so the dangers could be avoided during the saw cutting process. Concrete scanning is the fastest and easiest way to quickly locate dangers before concrete cutting.

Nondestructive testing is an excellent way to locate dangers in the slab, because it doesn’t emit any radiation allowing for it to be used during normal business hours. Concrete imaging can also provide the amount of cover over the danger so it can be avoided more accurately. Ground Penetrating Radar Systems can provide services anywhere in the state of Indiana such as: Muncie, Bloomington, Fishers and South Bend. These offices can be contacted via or 317-504-1068. GPRS Inc. also has offices in Chicago IL, Columbus OH, and St. Louis MO these offices can be contacted via