Concrete Investigation To Determine Reinforcing Steel Spacing – West Lafayette, IN

Ground Penetrating Radar Systems on Indianapolis recently scanned a utility tunnel for a customer to determine the rebar spacing and size prior to the start of their project. The technician on site was able to map all findings on the surface of the concrete and provide a detailed report containing the findings of the scans. The information provided will allow our customer to complete their project knowing exactly what to expect in the concrete. This will also enable our customer to keep change orders down due to unexpected severing of reinforcing or utilities.

Concrete scanning is an efficient way to locate any dangers below the surface prior to starting any construction project. GPR technology can locate any type of material change below the surface of the concrete or soil. This means we can even locate PVC pipes and voids below the surface. If you would like to learn more about GPR technology and the services Ground Penetrating Radar Systems Inc. performs contact your local representative at or 317-504-1068. GPRS Inc. can service any part of Indiana we recently have assisted on projects in: West Lafayette, Evansville, South Bend and Indianapolis.