Concrete Scanning To Locate Reinforcing Steel At Glendale Shopping Center - Indianapolis, Indiana

The safest and easiest way to core drill a hole is to avoid hitting all reinforcing steel and conduits. This allows the hole to be drilled without having to cut through rebar making the penetration faster and cleaner. Ground Penetrating Radar Systems of Indiana ensures that core drillers avoid everything. Recently GPRS of Indy visited the Glendale Shopping Center to scan a three foot by two foot area mapping all the reinforcing steel and conduits in the slab so the core drillers could avoid these items and the project could continue without delay.

Concrete imaging performed by GPRS of Indy is the best way to prevent delays on a project because all GPRS technicians are trained and certified. Ground Penetrating Radar Systems technicians are extremely proficient with the state of the art technology they use, which means they finish the job faster and more accurate. GPRS of Indiana also has the software of the concrete imaging technology updated regularly ensuring you have the latest and most advanced system on your job site. If your company would like to limit delays due to severed conduits or pt-cables contact your local regional manager at or 317-504-1068. Ground Penetrating Radar Systems of Indianapolis has assisted on projects in: Terre Haute, Kokomo, Evansville and Muncie.