Core Drilling Clearance At Marriott Hotel – Indianapolis, Indiana

Ground Penetrating Radar Systems of Indianapolis recently visited a Marriott Hotel to clear two core drilling locations. The superintendent on site wasn’t sure if the concrete slab had post tensioned cables running through it and needed to know of any dangers in the concrete. The technician on site was able to scan the areas and not only map the reinforcing steel so it could be avoided but also located a conduit running in the area. The information provided by the technician allowed the core drilling process to proceed without any damage to the structure or workers.

Concrete imaging is a quickly becoming the preferred way to x-ray concrete because it doesn’t emit any radiation so it can be operated during normal business hours around an active crew. Concrete sonar also provides results instantly, no more waiting for film to develop! This state of the art technology also only needs access to one side of the concrete making slab on grade jobs possible. For more information or to schedule a lunch and learn presentation contact your local technician or 317-504-1068. GPRS of Indianapolis can service any part of Indiana, we recently have mobilized to: Fishers, South Bend and Evansville.