Electrical Conduit Locate at Circle Center Mall – Indianapolis, Indiana

Electrical conduits are one of the many dangers encountered during the concrete core drilling process. Concrete scanning is one of the most effective ways to ensure that the area your about to drill is clear of any conduits or post tension cables. This is exactly what Ground Penetrating Radar Systems of Indianapolis was called out to do recently at the Circle Center Mall. The technician on site was able to quickly determine the location of a conduit running in the path of the core drilling location without the use of radiation.

Concrete scanning for electrical conduits is an excellent way to ensure the concrete cutting process runs smoothly preventing delays. GPRS of Indy only uses trained and certified technicians ensuring that our customers have the best trained and professional technicians on their job sites. GPR also emits no radiation and can be completed in minutes of arriving on site. If you would like to learn more about concrete imaging contact your local GPRS representative today at sam.baldwin@gp-radar.com or 317.504.1068. We look forward to serving you and providing quality locating you can depend on. We serve all of Indiana especially: South Bend, Evansville, Muncie and Terre Haute.