Environmental Underground Storage Tank Locate - South Bend, IN

Confirming the existence of underground storage tanks is a very important service Ground Penetrating Radar Systems of Indiana provides. Our Customer needed to know rather the tank was still on site or if it had been removed. The technician on site was able to determine that the tank was removed and provide our customer with a comprehensive report of our findings. The information provided allowed our customer to continue construction without delay.

This service allows environmental companies to successfully analyze and remove UST’s that may be leaking or could leak in the future. This service also locates tanks and can tell if the tank has been removed or is still on site. Using the latest soil penetrating technology allows the customer to know exactly where the tank is and how deep in the soil so they can place soil borings at appropriate locations. GPRS of Indy can provide this type of service anywhere in Indiana especially: Carmel, Noblesville, Greenwood and Anderson. For more information contact your local representative to schedule an appointment at sam.baldwin@gp-radar.com or 317-504-1068.