GPRS of Indiana Assists With Environmental Project At Metal Treating Plant In Milwaukee, WI

The process of treating metal products often uses chemicals that are harmful to the environment, which is why GPRS of Indiana mobilized to Milwaukee to assist on a project to test for harmful chemicals in the soil. GPRS of Indiana mobilized on site to scan for any utilities at the abandoned building to ensure that no unknown utilities were severed during the soil boring process. The technician on site was able to quickly scan the perimeter of the building locating any utilities going in or coming out of the building. This service ensures for a safe and hazard free environment to perform the testing.

Private utility locating, especially on abandoned properties, is an excellent way to ensure no unnecessary damage is done to the property. Soil scanning for utilities also insures that change orders are kept to a minimum and the project can finish without delay. Since all Ground Penetrating Radar Systems technician are trained and certified in the use of GPR our customers know that the information given will be the most accurate the industry has to offer. If you would like to schedule GPRS of Indiana to help your project run more smoothly contact your local technician today at 317-504-1068 or GPRS of Indiana has recently mobilized to South Bend, Carmel, Terre Haute and Wheatfield.