GPRS Of Indiana Images Concrete For Dangers At A Manufacturing Facility - Lafayette, Indiana

In industrial buildings, there can be several dangers hidden in the concrete that contractors or unaware of such as high voltage conduits or compressed air lines. This is why several industrial buildings are beginning to employ Ground Penetrating Radar Systems of Indianapolis to use their state of the art concrete imaging to locate these dangers. The highly professional technicians can locate any dangers in the concrete before the concrete is cut. The concrete scanning allows for the saw cutters to know exactly where the dangers are so they can be avoided. By avoiding these dangers they facility doesn’t risk shutting down the facility and sacrificing productivity and revenue.

The concrete investigating services that GPRS of Indiana provides are best the industry has to offer. This is due largely to the training and certification process each technician must complete, accompanied by the network of technicians whose knowledge base is far superior to any other investigating companies. GPRS of Indiana only provides penetrating radar services because we understand that in order to provide a quality service it must be our soul focus; this explains why over 70% of our business is from repeat customers. If you are interested in avoiding unnecessary accidental shutdowns of your facility contact your local representative at or 317-504-1068 to discuss how adding this service can help. Ground Penetrating Radar Systems of Indianapolis can locate dangers in any concrete in Indiana, we have recently visited: Elkhart, Lafayette, Carmel and Columbus.