GPRS Of Indiana Inspects Concrete For Reinforcing Steel - Elkhart, Indiana

Ground Penetrating Radar Systems of Indiana was recently hired to locate any reinforcing steel in two core drilling locations. The concrete had to be cut to install a new IT center in the building. The technician was able to mobilize to the site quickly and map all the reinforcing steel and provide depths to the steel so it could be avoided during the core drilling process. Using GPRS of Indy ensures that the customer is getting a trained and certified technician with years of experience inspecting concrete.

Concrete inspecting is the new way to ensure that no structural steel is damaged during the core drilling process. Nondestructive imaging technology only takes a few moments to locate all the reinforcing steel in the area and the results are instant! Concrete inspection technology doesn’t emit any radiation so the floor beneath and your crew don’t have to exit the area. Ground Penetrating Radar Systems of Indianapolis technicians are trained and certified in the use of concrete surveying technology. Ground penetrating radar is the only service we provide so that our customers know that we have the experience and network needed to answer all there questions about what lies below the surface. For more information about concrete inspections or to receive a copy of our custom specs contact your local representative at 317-504-1068 or GPRS of Indianapolis can perform this type of survey anywhere in Indiana especially: South Bend, Elkhart, Carmel and Bloomington.