GPRS Of Indianapolis Inspects Slab On Grade Concrete For Conduits - Evansville, Indiana

Ground Penetrating Radar Systems of Indiana recently performed a slab on grade inspection to locating any conduits or data cables that may be in a saw cutting location. The technician on-site was able to quickly scan the saw cutting location and map all dangers in the area and provide depths to the top of the conduits. The information provided allowed the project to continue without any damage to active utilities in the area, which prevented delays and unnecessary change orders.

Concrete inspecting technology is a fast and efficient way to locate any dangers in or under the slab. By using GPRS of New Mexico to locate any dangers in the slab, you can prevent unnecessary damage to existing utilities or reinforcing steel. The state of the art concrete imaging technology employed by Ground Penetrating Radar Systems of Indianapolis does not emit any harmful radiation allowing it to be operated during normal business hours. For more information about Ground Penetrating Radar Systems Inc. or to receive a custom specification contact your local technician at 317-504-1068 or GPRS of Indianapolis can service any part of Indiana especially: Evansville, South Bend, Muncie and Lafayette.