GPRS Of Indianapolis Thermal Scans On Helicopter Pad - Indianapolis, Indiana

Ground Penetrating Radar Systems of Indianapolis recently visited a Hospital to locate any ice melt lines or reinforcing steel that might be in the concrete of the helicopter pad. The Hospital has plans to build a new structure on the helipad and needed to ensure they would not hit anything during the construction process. The technician on site was able to scan the pad for both dangers and map the findings on the surface of the slab and provide the hospital with a detailed report. The information provided by Ground Penetrating Radar Systems of Indiana allowed the Hospital to determine the best course of action to build their structure without damaging any reinforcing steel or thermal ice melt lines.

Thermal imaging is an excellent way to locate ice melt lines and radiant heating lines. Thermal scanning technology has the capability of detecting temperature differences up to .1 degree Celsius. This allows GPRS to accurately locate any thermal disturbances in the area. Heat scanning is a service that can be completed quickly and accurately by Ground Penetrating Radar Systems of Indiana’s trained technicians. To learn more about the services that GPRS of Indiana can provide contact your local GPRS office at or 317-504-1068. Ground Penetrating Radar Systems of Indianapolis can provide this kind of survey anywhere in Indiana. Recently we have mobilized to: Muncie, Greenwood, Kokomo and Warsaw.