Ground Penetrating Radar Used At Purdue University - West Lafayette, IN

Just because a building is still active doesn’t mean construction just stops. Ground Penetrating Radar Systems of Indiana recently visited Purdue University to locate reinforcing steel in the slab prior to core drilling. The building was still full of students and teachers so traditional x-ray was not an option as it emits harmful radiation. Concrete radar scanning emits no harmful rays and provides results instantly! The technician on site was able to locate all of the reinforcing steel and conduits on the surface of the floor in four areas on separate floors within an hour!

Concrete imaging is a new technology used to locate dangers in concrete instantly and without damaging the concrete or bystanders. The results are instant when interpreted by a trained and certified GPRS technician. Ground Penetrating Radar Systems of Indiana specializes in concrete imaging and scanning; we have been providing quality concrete imaging services for over 10 years! If your company is concerned with safety and takes pride in finishing jobs on time and without delay contact GPRS of Indianapolis at sam.baldwin@gp-radar.com or 317-504-1068. We service all of Indiana and have recently mobilized to: Muncie, South Bend, Evansville and Bloomington.