Private Utility Locating On Solar Array - Griffith, Indiana

When building a 2.7 megawatt solar array near an oil refinery the last thing you want to happen is have the project delayed due to a severed utility. Ground Penetrating Radar Systems of Indiana recently scanned the property of a solar array several times during the phases of its construction. Our safety minded customer wanted to be sure that no utilities were damaged so they could deliver the array on time as promised. The information provided by GPRS of Indy allowed construction to proceed without damaging ANY of the unknown utilities on site.

Private utility locating using soil imaging technology is the best way to ensure utilities are not severed or damaged on site. The soil scanning technology used by GPRS of Indiana is state of the art in locating private utilities. All of our technicians are trained and certified on the use and interpretation of the ground penetrating technology. If you or your company would like to avoid the unforeseen dangers and dealys of private utilities contact your local private utility locator at or 317-504-1068. Ground penetrating Radar Systems of Indiana can assist on any job site in Indiana recently we have visited Evansville, South Bend, Muncie and Terre Haute.