Reinforcing Locate At Purdue University – West Lafayette, IN

Locating reinforcing steel in concrete allows for the driller to cut through the slab much easier and faster than if they cut through rebar, it also helps to preserve the structural integrity of the structure. That is why Ground Penetrating Radar Systems of Indiana was hired to clear 12 core drilling holes so our customer could install a fire alarm system. The technician on site was able to clearly map all the reinforcing steel on the surface of the slab with tape, so our customer could avoid everything in the slab. This service helps to reduce the risk of cutting a conduit in the concrete and ensures the concrete cutting will be done quickly and efficiently.

Concrete imaging technology that GPRS of Indy uses is the most advanced technology available on the market today and all of our technicians are trained and certified in the use of concrete radar. This ensures our customers get the most accurate information possible, while working with our professional and courteous team. If you would like to learn how concrete penetrating radar can keep your facility structurally sound and your conduits active contact your Indiana regional manager today at 317.504.1068 or . Ground Penetrating Radar Systems can service any part of Indiana recently we have aided Greenwood, Carmel, Anderson and Avon.