Saw Cutting Clearance - Indianapolis, IN

Don’t blindly cut concrete, have GPRS of Indiana mark out any dangers underground! Ground Penetrating Radar Systems of Indiana recently visited in Indianapolis to locate any dangers in or below the slab on grade concrete BEFORE two fifty foot trenches where cut into the slab. The technician on site was able to quickly scan the area and identify and dangers that may need to be avoided during the saw cutting process. The technician was able to scan and map out all the dangers in the two cutting locations in about 45 minutes!

Concrete imaging is an excellent technology to identify dangers in or under concrete, especially slab on grade jobs. One of those reasons is because concrete sonar doesn’t emit any radiation, perfect for active buildings. When time is of the essence and you can’t wait for film development non-destructive testing is perfect because the results are instant! Ground Penetrating Radar Systems of Indianapolis offer lunch and learn presentations to educate large groups of people of the benefits of concrete penetrating, to sign up contact your local representative at or 317-504-1068. GPRS of New Mexico can provide service anywhere in the great state of IN, we recently visited: Lafayette, South Bend, Gary and Columbus.