St. Joseph's Hospital Remodel - Anderson, Indiana

In order to ensure that a projects runs on schedule without any unnecessary shutdowns contractors use Ground Penetrating Radar Systems of Indiana to locate any unknown utilities prior to saw cutting or excavation. That is what GPRS of Indiana was contracted for by Brasfield and Gorrie recently in Anderson Indiana. The superintendent needed to excavate a large tunnel in an old part of the building that was being remodeled and did not want to shut down the project or the hospital by severing an unexpected utility. The trained and certified GPRS technician on site was able to quickly and accurately map all the utilities on the surface of the concrete and provide the contractor with a detailed drawing of the findings.

Concrete and soil imaging is the best way to locate utilities in or under the concrete because the technology can penetrate through the concrete and see well into the soil. This allows for a trained technician to map those findings out on the surface in real time, you don’t have to wait for film development with GPR. This technology also does not emit any radiation so the work can be performed during normal business hours without sectioning off a safe area. If you would like your projects to finish on time with less change orders contact your local representative today at or 317-504-1068 and set up a service call. GPRS of Indiana has recently mobilized to: South Bend, Evansville, Muncie and Terre Haute we will travel wherever you need us!