Underground Storage Tank Locate Using Latest GPR Technology - Muncie, Indiana

Underground storage tanks (UST’s) if not removed properly after use can leech harmful chemicals into the soil and ground water. Recently Ground Penetrating Radar Systems of Indianapolis was used to inspect an area believed to have had all the storage tanks removed. Upon inspection the technician was able to determine that a tank was still located in the area. The technician on site mapped the precise location of the tank and provided a depth to the top of the anomaly.

Ground Penetrating Radar Systems of Indianapolis is used to inspect areas believed to have UST’s at some point. The soil imaging technology allows the technician to determine if the tanks have been removed or not. The GPR technology can even see areas of the soil that have been disturbed or excavated. Soil Imaging is an excellent method of locating utilities as well, GPR can pinpoint plastic and metal utilities in the soil even if they are not active! If you would like to learn more about GPR technology contact your local representative at sam.baldwin@gp-radar.com or (317) 504-1068, (574) 274-7031. Ground Penetrating Radar Systems of Indiana has recently performed services in: Evansville, Muncie, Terre Haute and South Bend.