Underground Storage Tank search - Mishawaka, Indiana

GPRS works with many environmental companies assisting with underground surveying. Our services range from locating utilities to the identification of underground storage tanks (UST’s). Most of these companies look to GPRS in helping them determine if UST’s are still in the ground and if so, where they are located. Recently, GPRS of South Bend was asked to mobilize to a property in Mishawaka, Indiana. The survey began on the north side of the property using our Electromagnetic Induction equipment, followed by traditional Ground Penetrating Radar, both yielding no evidence of any tanks. Next, the eastern and southern areas of the property were scanned in the same manner with both technologies producing evidence of existing UST’s. One of the many benefits of the GPR for these studies is the ability to not only locate the UST but also know the approximate size. As you can see in the picture below, all 4 sides of both UST’s were identified marked with paint directly on the surface of the asphalt.