Utilities Located On Private Land Prior To Soil Boring - Indianapolis, IN

Environmental companies across the United States test soil before building or remodeling can take place. One of the dangers of this work is striking utilities during the drilling process. Ground Penetrating Radar Systems of Indianapolis works with these companies to ensure that no utilities are struck during this process. Using GPRS of Indy can ensure can reduce change orders and ensure the project is completed on time.

Soil scanning is a completely nondestructive method of locating utilities and other dangers in the soil, by using electromagnetic pulses. This process has no impact on the environment and emits no radiation. The highly trained and certified technicians employed by GPRS of Indiana can scan large amounts of area in a small amount of time. If you would like to learn more about GPR and how it can assist your company on projects like this one contact your local representative at tony.eich@gp-radar.com or 317-504-1068. GPRS of Indianapolis covers the entire state of Indiana, and can assist on any project. Recently we have assisted on projects in: Terre Haute, Muncie, Evansville and South Bend.