Utility Locate Under A Slab On Grade - Fort Wayne, Indiana

In many older manufacturing facilities in Indiana the first floor is a slab on grade where locating utilities in or under the concrete is impossible for traditional x-ray. Ground Penetrating Radar Systems of Indiana recently mobilized to Fort Wayne to locate any private utilities in or under the concrete at a local hospital. The technician on site mapped all the private utilities in 14 areas so the concrete could be cut safely and new utility route could be planned accordingly. Since GPRS of Indianapolis uses the most up to date concrete and soil imaging technology, the survey was able to be conducted during normal business hours.

The radar imaging technology used by GPRS of Indiana is the most accurate equipment available on the market today. GPRS of Indy also trains and certifies every technician in the field ensuring our customer’s get the most accurate and precise information available. The private utility locating technology also doesn’t emit any harmful radiation like traditional x-ray allowing us to operate around active job-sites. If your facility can benefit from services such as this one please download our specs on our web page (www.gp-radar.com) and include them in the plan of any project or contact your local representative at sam.baldwin@gp-radar.com or 317-504-1068. Ground Penetrating Radar Systems of Indy have recently mobilized to Evansville, Muncie, Terre Haute and South Bend.